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Dear Live in the Now readers,

Men are notorious for ignoring their health until symptoms appear, and even then, they often drag their feet. But with an effective supplement regimen, men can enjoy optimal health into their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. Here are 8 supplements that I think are critical for men's health.

From a health standpoint, cinnamon is best known for helping to balance blood sugar and supporting natural weight loss. But some new research shows that it may help prevent this deadly disease.

And since we're talking about cinnamon, I thought you'd an enjoy an overview of 7 amazing health benefits that this nice spice can offer you.

Lastly, some new research shows that adding just small amounts of this plant fat to your daily diet can provide excellent antioxidant support and protect against chronic diseases of aging. Enjoy today's articles and please share your comments!

In good health,

Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief

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